Managing projects from an average of 50K$ to 5M$, our company is specialised in the making over of commercial retail and restaurant space for different chains or corporate brand and even unique flagship; restaurant, bars, retails stores and fashion accessories, office reorganisation, or any others commercials activities.

L2 Construction offers

One advantage amongst others for branded chains to do business with L2 Construction, it is the same project managers that will stand by your opportunities. We get imbued with your brand cultures and get familiar with your needs and your concept on our fingertips. Thus, the project manager develops on his own a customised services range to drive your project throughout boundaries.

Because of our organisation structures, our team experience and indeed the quality of our trades and collaborators; L2 construction shall minimise your cost, fit in timetable frame to get our client fully satisfied.

Our distinctive approach allow our client to earn either « time, money and global efficiency ». A clear picture of this statement is our « Customer Booklet » given for each project. This tool allows your director or district manager in duty, to refer at the details linked to construction. Whether it is maintenance instructions for limited warranties, fixtures and devices functions or detailed list of implied trades, these simplify a lot the management and gives total autonomy to the operator of a specific retail space.

To resume

L2 construction offers a high quality work by monitoring and advising their customers as early as reception of drawings. Our projects managers achieve reports for relevant construction site aspects. They make sure of the quality of installed fixtures and bring clever solutions to encounter delivery expectations.

Our purpose is creating partnership that will last with our client; to offer a customised services so as to follow along business booming expansions or opportunities.